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Three Days Teencentric© training

We have just delivered three days training in Teencentric© our programme that deals specifically with the issue of Adolescent to Parent Violence (APV). Twelve delegates from a range of agencies in Rochdale and Bury including Early Intervention, Family Support and Youth Offending took part.

The feedback was truly amazing and we will be shortly announcing an open training event so any individual practitioner wishing to complete our training will be able to do so.

Our training is comprehensive; designed to raise awareness of the topic and provide participants with an opportunity to explore the dynamics of the emerging issue of APV. Areas covered include definitions, background theories, prevalence, risk factors, case studies and behaviour patterns.

We emphasis the role of the practitioners as ‘agents of change’, helping them understand how to engage and create respectful, collaborative working relationships with both teens and parents.

In addition, much of our training is getting to know the material in the programme and getting up and trying it out so there is ample time to practice and develop new skills. You also get to hear what works and lessons learnt from our experiences of working in this area.

All course materials, handouts, manuals etc will be supplied within the overall cost.

In. the meantime, if you want to discuss your specific requirements why not drop us a line via