Services to Individuals

In certain cases, Mencentric Limited provides bespoke, tailored one to one interventions for men who see their behaviour as problematic. This is a discreet service aimed at high net worth clients who ordinarily will not access standard programmes.

We are also able to provide independent reports regarding ‘treatment suitability’ and ‘risk assessment’ for individuals. Normally these will be commissioned by social workers or the Family Court.

In addition to having extensive experience with working with men within the context of domestic violence, we have completed extensive training in a number of widely recognised assessment tools such as the SARA, the HCR-20, the RSVP, the START & the IPDE.

We have worked with thousands of men over the decade or so and have an impressive track record in facilitating positive changes in clients.

If you are reading this and wondering if we can help you, here’s what one man said recently

‘From the outset I was impressed with your commitment, your drive, your sensitivity and your real understanding of what’s needed to engage and move on men who cope by abusing others. The combination of work needed on emotional management, significant beliefs and an understanding of what early coping strategies they’d learnt as a result of insecure attachments. Yet all understanding is futile without an ability create a space within which the men feel safe enough to share and truly reflect. You ‘got’ all that and it all clicked into place for me. So thank you so much.’

IF you still aren’t sure, why not check out our case studies section and see what men say? It may just be worth it.



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