Consultancy & Programme Development

Mencentric Limited can provide a range of bespoke services to meet the needs of agencies working within the domestic violence sector. Using our experience we are able to assist with key issues that may arise for staff who may be directly affected by working with victims or perpetrators. Our training allows practitioners to feel more confident in dealing with clients more effectively. This ensures that staff remain motivated and feel valued by their employers-an essential ingredient in a very demanding role.

Our consultancy can assist with

  • Service design-from service conception to delivery
  • Service review
  • Staff development-both personal and professional
  • Staff recruitment & supervision
  • Inter-professional and inter-agency working

A  client from the statutory sector recently stated

‘From the outset I was impressed with your commitment, your drive, your sensitivity and your real understanding of what’s needed to engage and move on men who cope by abusing others. The combination of work needed on emotional management, significant beliefs and an understanding of what early coping strategies they’d learnt as a result of insecure attachments. Yet all understanding is futile without an ability create a space within which the men feel safe enough to share and truly reflect. You ‘got’ all that and it all clicked into place for me. So thank you so much for all that and your listening, your support and your ventures to our offices.’

Whatever your needs-as a commissioner, service manager or an individual practitioner -we would be delighted to hear from you and to discuss your requirements. For an initial discussion please go to our contact page.