Perpetrator Work

Typically, this will consist of a total of nine training days delivered in three blocks of three consecutive days, each block approximately one month apart. This ensures that all participants have adequate time to assimilate and reflect on the information and the learning. These days are emotionally demanding at times and some individuals may be affected by what they learn. Some of the topics will also touch on personal experiences.It is envisaged that the last three day block approximately two to four weeks prior to the commencement of service delivery. This ensures trainees are not waiting too long before they can begin to deliver the skills they have acquired.

Two trainers will deliver the nine days training to a maximum number of fourteen people. ALL trainees should be able to attend ALL training days and be willing to engage in experiential learning, group work and individual work.

After the end of the fifth day of training, all trainees will meet the trainers to receive individual feedback with regard to their progress, identify areas of core competencies as well areas where they need to develop or enhance their skills.

General, training days are usually Wednesday to Friday.

Training venue; The room should be large enough to accommodate all trainees and trainers comfortably. If possible, two smaller ‘break -out ‘rooms should also be adjacent for use when preparing for role plays etc. Access to power for laptop and projector is required.

Refreshments e.g. tea & coffee are provided by the host organisation and not the trainers.

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