What people say about out training


We are always keen to get feedback from the people we work with and train. The following are GENUINE comments and a small sample of the feedback. We are proud of the relationships we build, the training we deliver but there’s always room for improvement-thats why we ask for honest feedback. If you are thinking of commissioning us but want further reassurance, then we can put you in touch with people we have trained.

Q. What did you like most about the training?

A. The facilitators knowledge and passion in (the) subject area and enthusiasm to push the agenda forward…..I enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone…’ (Early Intervention worker on Teencentric© training)

Q. What aspect of the training could be improved?

A. ‘I though the training was flawless. I feel inspired & refreshed to take this into my day job…..really enjoyed this experience and feel privileged to have worked with Mark & Paul as their approach is very refreshing….’ (Delegate of Teencentric © training)

Q. How do you hope to change your practice as a result of this training?

A. ‘Incorporate what I have learned into how I work with families and also feedback to other colleagues’

Almost always delegates tell us that learning objectives were met, that our materials are relevant and useful and that we create a safe and warm learning environment. ‘The training was delivered in a friendly, interactive and inspiring manner.’